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From Book Lovin’ Junkie

Amazing, just pure amazing. It was deep , dark and sexy as hell! Kept me on my toes, and the edge of the couch. Fast pace, romantic and thrilling all rolled in one! It has it twist and turns, with a great story and love. I want MORE!!!

From Two Friends, Read Along With Us

This is a really great romantic suspense. This is one of them books that you just gotta sit and read in one sitting as you really can’t put it down.
I felt as if I was sitting on the edge of my seat reading it. The author threw in so many twists and turns that I really couldn’t predict how this story was gonna go. Sam and Gillian are a really hot couple. The chemistry had the hot sexy scenes off the scale with hotness.
I’m so looking forward to reading more from this author. Loved it.

DEADLINEFrom Obsessed by Books

This is a fast paced, slightly twisted, suspenseful erotic read! Sorry that was a mouthful…this book was a real gem. A lovely length with a pace that had me turning the pages and enjoying my Sunday afternoon luxury of reading even without a glass of wine!

Gillian is a twice divorced, highly successful writer of erotica that after much publicity has drawn the attention of a group of activists named the ‘Sword of Michael’. She leaves the big city lights to get some space to write in a cabin in the woods…cue scary music! There meets the man that holds the keep to all her kinks and hidden desires, maybe even her heart?

Throughout the book the suspense is interwoven perfectly with romance and interlaced with hot steamy bedroom scenes. The insta attraction is also commented upon by the characters themselves as it is fast and almost like BOOM! They weren’t expecting it under the circumstances but sometimes you just can’t fight fate!

From As You Wish Book Reviews

After receiving death threats, just signing her divorce papers, and aggravating plumbing in her building, Gillian Tate decides to leave the NYC for the quiet of Upstate New York. Writing as her author persona P.G. Tate, she is expected to deliver another blockbuster following her well-received second erotic romance novel. With so many interruptions and distractions, how else is she going to meet her publisher’s deadline other than to find a secluded “writer’s cave” so she concentrate?

No sooner she leaves town when the Sword of Michael the Archangel strikes close to home by killing her best friend. Little does she know that the death threats are real and not pranks as she first thought. She is in an area of the Adirondacks where wireless phone and internet service are sporadic and almost non-existent. The only way to communicate is to go to the nearest town for service. As her agent and the police are trying to ascertain her safety and convey the news of her peril, the local Chief of Police shows up at her cabin’s door to break the news to her. Once Chief Sam Taylor and Gillian Tate meet the sparks fly. These two people have been searching for each other all their lives and Fate has stepped in.

This is a suspenseful erotic romance full of danger as well as passion. Well-written, fast paced, and with a gripping plot line, this is the kind of book you will not be able to put down. I read it in one sitting just so I could find out what would happen next. I feel like I have discovered another author I want to follow and read more of her work.

From Blue Chrysalis Book Promotions

Deadline is a book that kept me on my toes and devouring it in just a few hours. The author flawlessly and elegantly crafts unforgettable characters and an engaging plot that is fully an erotic romance novel, while still keeping the reader on edge at all times. There is a twist at every chapter and I really couldn’t see most coming. My heart plummeted and soared for Gillian. She is such a great character. Strong, vulnerable, successful and a good grip on reality. Sam?   * sigh * I want one of him. They explore their kinks in a very subtle, smooth way. Their relationship, although super fast ( which I originally thought might be a turn off in this book for me), is super sweet with tons of sexy moments. The author possesses the ability to capture the mystery, tension, worry, and every feeling during all the events in this book. This is one of the rare books I’ll put on my will read again list. Smooth transitions make it an easy, comfortable read with a completely unexpected ending.

From Confessions of a Book Whore

Fast paced romantic thriller. Gillian has found great success through her erotic romance books. However, her success has made her some enemies, including her very recent ex husband. Threats she ahs been receiving start to escalate and she decides to go to a cabin in the woods to relax and write her third novel, due in a few weeks which she has yet to begin. While in the woods she meets mountain sheriff Sam Taylor. A story of twists and turns, filled with surprises and a steamy love story and happy ending. The hate mail starts with a shocking source and friends become victims. Gillian learns that even your friends are often your enemies.

From Kolleen’s Book Obsessions

I really loved this story. I had never read a murder mystery before, I know it’s crazy but I hadn’t. Deadline is a sexy suspenseful mystery. This book made me want to read more. It was sweet & funny, but also exciting and unexpected. I think you will love it as much as I did!

From Hooked On Books Forever

5 Hooked Stars

P.G. Tate is a wildly successfully erotic romance writer, however her personal life is falling apart. She has a looming deadline for her final book, the ink is barely dry on her second divorce, and some crazy religious group is threatening her because she included homosexual scenes in her last book. P.G. (or Gillian as her real name) decides to hole up in a cabin in the woods and write her brains out. Little does she know she will find love, lust, and face death in sleepy town.
Deadline is a great erotic romance with a mystery twist. Gillian is funny and entertaining, Sam is sexy and cute, and they play well off each other. The element of the Sword of Michael hunting her adds an element of mystery and suspense to Deadline that allows the story to arc very well. I loved this book and would love to read more!!

From Steamy Book Momma

I truly loved this book. I liked that it was about an author of an erotic romance series. The author P.G. Tate or her real name Gillian was a romance writer and couldn’t really get any of her books to sell. A fellow author of hers told her she should write MMMF. Well she just couldn’t go from writing regular romance to orgies so she comprised with MMF. The first book sold so well that she was signed to write a trilogy. Her second book was MM and also sold very well. But, as well all know no one can have everything. She finally gets what she has always wanted in her career. In doing that though she lost her husband. He wanted a divorce because he was being asked all kinds of questions do to her books about the personal sexual life. He works at a religious school and felt he couldn’t keep working there and be married to her. It didn’t hurt that he had someone else waiting for him either. Now Gillian is receiving all kinds of religious hate mail about her books. She just thinks that are kooks and not really a threat. A friend has been offering her a cabin in the woods where she can go and relax while she writes the third book in the trilogy. She finally takes him up on his offer. This is when things start to pick up with the hate mail/threats. Her agent’s house in broken into and she calls the police. When they come she tells them about the threat Gillian has be receiving. They figure out where Gillian is and send the local law to inform her of what has happened. This is when Gillian meets Sheriff Sam Taylor. He has no idea who her pen name is or why she is receiving these threats. There is an instant connection between them. After talking for a bit she signs one her books for him and tells him he should read it. He invites her to the festival in town. This is where things really start to get interesting in the book. I don’t want to give any spoilers away so I will stop here.

The character Gillian is wonderful she has been through a lot in her life and still is worried about everyone before she is concerned about herself. She feels that everything that is happening is her fault because she wrote the books that spurned this person to these things. Sheriff Taylor is what you would expect. He became a cop to protect. In was a natural instinct in him. Now he has found the one person he wants to protect the most. Gillian doesn’t want to get into anything serious with him. She just got divorced for the second time in her life and doesn’t think she ever wants to get married again. But, Sam just brings something out in her. She figures there is no way they can have a future together even if it weren’t for the threats against her. Sam is determined to show her different. This book was wonderfully written. It had some twists and turns I didn’t see coming and surprised me. I really got invested in the characters. I will definitely be looking for other books from this author.

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