Sexy Today ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

This week’s theme: Sexy Today  “Each week we’ve had a different theme and have had authors post using that theme as a base board to start with. We even encourage them to post when their story doesn’t fit that theme because sharing is sexy and we all want to read just the good stuff every once […]

Talk Sexy to Me ~ #MySexySaturday Scene from New M/M Rock Star Romance BETWEEN THE NOTES

“We know all about talking sexy to me. We know that lovers have a special language that only two of them share. The hidden looks, the longing gaze, the love shining in their eyes all accompanied by those sexy, sexy words. Sometimes, they are whispered, sometimes spoken aloud and occasionally shouted from rooftops. Authors are […]

Sexy Has It! #MySexySaturday Scene from NEW Release! M/M Rock Star Romance BETWEEN THE NOTES

“We all know sexy has it. As authors, we define ‘it’ every day and write those wonderful, sexy scenes. Sexy has sexy, sexy has love, sexy has wonderful. Sexy has the power to change worlds, set people free and everything in between. Sexy is just right and good and oh, so fun to share.” Here […]

A Very Sexy Time! #MySexySaturday Scene from upcoming BETWEEN THE NOTES M/M Romance

For this weeks My Sexy Saturday, I have an excerpt for the theme “A Very Sexy Time”  from my upcoming Male/Male romance Between the Notes, releasing in just two weeks! And the cover reveal is THIS Tuesday, August 4th; so be sure to come back for that! “What are you doing?” Damon jumped at Michael’s voice from the […]

We Are Sexy Hot! 100th #MySexySaturday! Scene from upcoming M/M Romance

For the 100th My Sexy Saturday, I have a Sexy Hot Scene from my upcoming Male/Male romance Between the Notes (and let’s give it up for SCOTUS!). “I said, get in!” Damon hadn’t intended the vitriolic note in his voice, but it brooked no argument from Michael, who hustled around and jumped in the car […]