DEADLINEAfter her erotic romance novels become international bestsellers, writer Gillian Tate cannot enjoy her long-sought success once her husband files for divorce and she becomes the target of threats from a religious fringe hate group that believes it is on a mission from God; but when she tries to find peace in the solitude of a remote lakeside cabin to complete the third novel in her ménage trilogy, not only does she meet the man who can fulfill her secret desires, she also finds she hasn’t escaped danger by leaving the city.

When the Adirondack town’s police chief Sam Taylor learns of the threats and checks in on the notorious author, he is surprised to find she is nothing like he would have expected from her erotic novels but everything he has imagined in his own fantasies.

Can he and the woman of his dreams escape her waking nightmare?

*Adult Content: This erotic romantic suspense includes scenes of bondage between consenting adults.*

2015 GFA Nominee

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Available in Kindle, Nook, and in paperback.

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