Sexy Has It! #MySexySaturday Scene from NEW Release! M/M Rock Star Romance BETWEEN THE NOTES

my sexy saturday“We all know sexy has it. As authors, we define ‘it’ every day and write those wonderful, sexy scenes. Sexy has sexy, sexy has love, sexy has wonderful. Sexy has the power to change worlds, set people free and everything in between. Sexy is just right and good and oh, so fun to share.”

Here is an excerpt from my brand new, HOT out of the oven Male/Male romance Between the Notes, and this scene shows the power of sexy….

Front_BetweenTheNotes postcard

“Look me in the eye and tell me it’s a mistake.”

Damon rolled his head towards Michael. Bleeding hell, he’s beautiful. He hadn’t even had a chance to run his fingers through that thick, dark hair. “It’s complicated. This is about my image. You know my reputation. I can’t risk it.”

“I’m not looking for a one night stand.”

Damon raised his eyebrows as he released a quick puff of air. “It would be easier if that’s all this were.”

“So you do feel something.”

Damon sighed and thought back to the Bible verse that had entered his mind when they kissed. “Thou hast ravished my heart with one glance of thine eyes,” he said.

Michael leaned forward and, bringing his hand to the back of Damon’s neck, covered his mouth in a kiss full of passion but without demand, which reflected all the frustrated longing Damon had held since the first moment he caught sight of Michael. The intensity broke through Damon in a wave that washed away the last of his resistance.
Closing his eyes and with his hand still on his neck, Michael pressed his forehead against Damon’s. “Isn’t this worth the risk?”

After several moments of silence, Michael pulled his face back and met Damon’s eyes.


Available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. Barnes & Noble Nook.
Other eBook formats here.

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