A Very Sexy Time! #MySexySaturday Scene from upcoming BETWEEN THE NOTES M/M Romance

476a9-lynnsexysaturday_buttonFor this weeks My Sexy Saturday, I have an excerpt for the theme “A Very Sexy Time”  from my upcoming Male/Male romance Between the Notes, releasing in just two weeks! And the cover reveal is THIS Tuesday, August 4th; so be sure to come back for that!

“What are you doing?”

Damon jumped at Michael’s voice from the doorway. “I…um…” His attempt at nonchalance failed miserably as Michael walked towards him, likewise wearing only jeans, drawing Damon’s gaze to his ripped abs. “Just admiring your bed.”

As Michael curled his arms around Damon, he said, “I could admire it much more if you were in it,” then wasted not another moment before reuniting their mouths.

Chest against chest and tongue against tongue, Michael deepened the kiss as Damon relaxed in his embrace. Their lips moved in unison, but soon their hands had their own schemes—roaming over bare skin, touching, squeezing, fondling. To every movement Michael made, Damon responded. Every urge with which Damon pressured Michael, he responded. Damon’s lack of self-control shocked him as he shoved down Michael’s jeans and wrapped his hand around his gloriously hard cock. Once they both stood starkers holding each other, their mouths never ceasing their relentless pursuits, fear no longer caused his heart to race but desire. Need.

Michael grasped the sides of Damon’s head and broke the kiss, which left them with shallow labored breaths. Meeting Damon’s eyes, he said, “Let’s get into bed.”


About Between the Notes

When an underage groupie stows away on his tour bus to be near her idol, rock superstar Damon Frost suddenly finds himself facing serious charges and a federal prosecutor out for blood. He could easily prove his innocence, but only by revealing the secret he has hidden in the closet for years, destroying his image as a sex symbol.

Damon thinks a deal offered by US attorney Michael Rellman will save his reputation as a ladies man, but what will protect him from his growing feelings for the handsome prosecutor and the risk to his career?

Cover Reveal:  Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Release Date:  August 15th, 2015

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