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My Sexy Saturday“This week’s theme is One Sexy Night. Have you ever heard of a moment in time, day or night, that changes everything? That one sexy night can right all life’s wrongs, make the old new again and help our characters find the love of their lives.  For this week’s theme, we are making that special moment happen during the night time. One sexy night that will have our characters wanting a lifetime of special moments with that extraordinary someone. It is during that time when sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, we realize the life we knew before that moment no longer exists. We can no longer look at things the same way as before.”


From the romantic mystery thriller Deadline: This is a follow-up to Taylor and Gillian’s Sexy First Date

DEADLINEThey walked along the lake, the crescent moon reflected in its waters, speaking of nothing and everything. At some point, either by accident or on purpose, their hands bumped together, and he took hers and held it as they continued down the shoreline accompanied by an orchestra of wildlife. He shone his flashlight at a hooting owl and tried to catch the eyes of a deer or a coyote on the other side of the lake.

They arrived at her cabin, and she turned around to face him. “Well, this is the street where I live.”

“So what did you decide?” he asked. “Was this a date?”

The corners of her lips rose, exposing her teeth in the glint of the moon. “I think so. Yes.”

“Good. Then I can do this.”

Taylor caught her off guard, pulling her tight against him as his mouth overtook hers.

She did not resist, though. She raised her hands to rest upon his shoulders and, closing her eyes, opened her mouth to submit, accepting his tongue against her own, as a ribbon of heat rippled through them both.  Deadline


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