Their Sexy Thoughts ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

 “This week’s theme is Their Sexy Thoughts. When characters think about each other in a sexy, exciting way, we as readers adore them. We love hearing about how the hero thinks the heroine is sexy and loving and oh so much more as the story progresses. As writers, we love putting those words down and getting them just right.”


Here is a scene from my upcoming Male/Male romance Between the Notes:

Damon lifted his head away from puppy kisses and turned his eyes up to Michael with a devastating smile. “C’mon, I can’t be all bad if your dog likes me.” After a final rub behind the dog’s ears, he stood and walked back toward the front of the house with Jacques following, tongue and tail wagging. “See you tomorrow, Michael.”

The door opened and closed and a car engine revved away before Michael’s senses returned enough to realize he had never written that check.


With his heart racing and heat climbing up his back, Damon feigned a calm demeanor and got the hell out of there, away from that subtle smile and those piercing dark eyes staring down as he scratched the dog’s ears. He jumped in his car and sped off toward the freeway. Free, away from temptation.

In Rellman’s office the day before, Damon had tried to ignore that invisible thread of fire between them, told himself he had imagined it, probably because he had fantasized about Michael while that girl had tried to get his dick’s attention. After that, facing the man roused embarrassment, as if he could read Damon’s thoughts. He decided Michael had used some prosecutor’s tactic, a trick to unhinge him, holding him prisoner in his gaze. Hell, he had no reason even to suspect Michael was gay—nothing camp about him—and considering Michael thought Damon tried to seduce his niece, he certainly had no suspicions of his own.

Then staring up at him from the floor, when their eyes met, Damon knew he hadn’t imagined the attraction, at least on his side. He worried he gawked at Michael in the same way he had described Julia, like a bride-to-be or a lovesick puppy. Bloody hell. He had a crush on the man who tried to throw him in jail and who made clear still had a strong aversion to him. But those dark, penetrating eyes and that hint of a smile on his full lips told a different story.

Damon glanced at the clock. Not even seven. Too early to go to a club, and that’s what he needed: a blind, anonymous hookup to take his mind off this man.

Michael Rellman would be his kryptonite.


About Between the Notes:

M/M Contemporary Romance
When an underage groupie stows away on his tour bus to be near her idol, rock superstar Damon Frost suddenly finds himself facing serious charges and a US prosecutor out for blood. He could easily prove his innocence, but only by revealing the secret he has hidden in the closet for years, destroying his image as a sex symbol. Damon thinks a deal offered by federal prosecutor Michael Rellman will save his reputation as a ladies man, but what will protect him from his growing feelings for the handsome prosecutor and the risk to his career?

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