A Sexy Morning ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

December 13th, 2014
A Sexy Morning ~ @MySexySaturday My Sexy Saturday
“This week’s theme is A Sexy Morning. Don’t you just love it when you see characters have a snuggle down day that starts with an awesome morning? This is a theme about that special time of the day where only lovers go. Do they wake up next to each other and wonder how they got there? Or are they all over one another?”


Here is an excerpt from my erotic romantic suspense Deadline, the morning after…


Tangled with her in the sheets of his bed, the morning light sneaking in through the break in the curtains, he held her right hand in his left and pressed his lips along the chaffing on her wrist from their activities of the night before. “I don’t want to use those handcuffs on you anymore,” he said between kisses. “They’re too rough on you.”

“I don’t mind,” she said with a grin.

“But I do.” Then he shifted his focus from her hand to her face. “Does this mean you’ve given up that ludicrous idea of running off to New Jersey?” He kissed her forehead and the tip of her nose.

“But I can’t stay here forever. And all my reasons for leaving still exist. Mind-blowing sex and dominance and bondage and fulfilling my fantasies is no basis for a permanent relationship.”

He arched an eyebrow with his crooked smile. “I don’t know. Sounds pretty good to me.”

Although she laughed, she resisted when he tried to enfold her in his arms and pulled back. “You know what I mean.”

On his side with his head against his fist supported by his arm, Taylor gazed down at her and traced her hairline with his finger. “There’s something wrong with your logic, sweetheart. If the only thing we have between us is that you like to be tied up and I like to do it, and you say that’s no basis for a relationship, then why would you be worried about the future?”

“Because…” She glanced downward for a moment then back to his eyes. “Because I’m afraid of falling in love with you.”

Caressing her bottom lip with his thumb, he said, “I’m already in love with you.”

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